Meet Our TEAM

Tiffany Ivins

Tiffany Ivins Spence


Tiffany is passionate about sustainability & community-driven social change. She co-designed Utah’s First Net Zero Community and is currently consulting on high performance and sustainable design. She is the Founding Director of Utah’s Net Zero Consortium, a Board Member of the United Nations Association of Utah, and Director of an international nonprofit, Community Development Network.

Drew Bayles

Main IT Technician 

Drew is a computer science student at Brigham Young University. He is minoring in Africana studies and international development and hopes to combine his abilities to be an effective change-maker.  He is passionate about educational development and literacy, specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Stèphane Akoki

Founder of Life Elevate 

Mitchell Spence


A lover of wood & design, Mitchell offers 25 years in the construction industry & a lifetime loving the outdoors. He is passionate about beautifying urban areas with functional infill; he is fascinated by clean energy, smart design, and reducing poverty through education. He is a helpless skibum cutting clean tracks in the Tetons & Rockies with his 4 kids. Creator of UT’s 1st Net Zero Community; Founder of Redfish; B100 Construction License.

Jeff Lee

Jeff LEE

Curriculum Coordinator

NAtasha Birchard

 Co-curriculum Coordinator 

Sam Augustine



Heather Phipps

 Designer & Journalist 

Heather is an environmental science major and international development minor at Brigham Young University. She has taught literacy in bi-lingual Spanish English programs in the southern states as well as women’s sexual education in Uganda. She loves seeing the spark in another’s eyes when they understand a new concept! She is passionate about recording and presenting this spark!

Nhamburo ziyenge

Cultural Facilitator, Translator, IT  

Nahamburo grew up in Côte d’Ivoire and attended University of Utah for a double major in French and IT. Nahamburo is passionate about creating positive change in every community where he lives. 

Jay Griffith

Community Development Expert  


Mourad Mabrouk